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Culinary Arts & Hospitality Management - Library Resources: Books & Print Material

An analysis of the collection development, content, and usage.

Stats-@-A-Glance for Books & Other Print Material

Stats-@-A-Glance for MDC's Books & Other Print Material

Subject Total # of Hits in Circulation & REF
Tourism & Travel (Management, Planning, Marketing, Risk Management, Government Policy, Environmental Aspects)  129
Hospitality Industry (Management, Personnel Management, Purchasing, Accounting, Marketing, Customer Services, Vocational Guidance) 98
Cooking History (American and international Cookbooks, Celebrity Chefs, Baking, Breads, Plating Food, History of Cooking, Food Writing, Cooking Techniques) 951
Food & Nutrition 326
Food Service (Management, Cost Control, Mathematics,  Vocational Guidance, Cooks Biographies, Design and Construction, Equipment and Supplies, Training of Employees, Health and Hygiene, Sanitation, Food Storage, Food Handling, Caterers and Catering, Planning Menus, Restaurant Management, Table Setting)


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Combined search for Books (Hospitality, Food, Nutrition, Tourism) 2,043


Books and Other Print Material