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Streaming Video Options for Educators

Miami Dade College Learning Resources provides access to a number of streaming video collections. They are accessible to all MDC students, staff, or faculty members.
What is a Podcast?


A podcast is an episodic program delivered via the Internet using an XML protocol called RSS. Podcast episodes can be audio files, video files, documents, or any combination of the three. The publisher or broadcaster podcasts the program by posting the episodes and the XML document to a Web server. The consumer subscribes to the podcast using a client application, such as iTunes, which regularly reads the XML file and downloads new episodes.

Because podcasts can include several of the most common types of media, they can be used to offer many different kinds of programs. Any television or radio program can of course be transmitted as a podcast, as can any lecture, performance, or other recorded event. Using the (Apple iTunes) AAC file format, audio podcasts can include synchronized still images to create a narrated slideshow. In this way, a series of lectures can include the lecturer’s voice and presentation slides. In most podcasts, each episode is the same file format, so subscribers can enjoy the program the same way each time. However, some podcasts use multiple media. Language courses, for example, can combine video for a sense of the foreign country, audio for information and ear training, and documents for practice and reference.

From the iTunes FAQ:

American Memory

American Memory from the Library of Congress contains historical sound recording collections including American music, oral histories and speeches.

Center for Disease Control Podcast

The Center for Disease Control provides podcasts on health and safety information.  

Library of Congress Podcasts

Library of Congress podcasts include speakers from the National Book Festival, slave narratives, and music and the brain.

Mayo Clinic Podcasts

Mayo Clinic provides podcasts about medical and health issues. Browsable by subject or date.

N.P.R. Podcasts

The NPR Podcast Directory allows you to listen to episodes of National Public Radio programs. Browse by topic, title or program.

New York Times Podcasts

The New York Podcasts cover a variety of topics including science, business, music, books, and technology.  Make sure you have iTunes download on your computer.

Scientific American Podcasts

Scientific American provides to 1-minute podcasts on a variety of topics in science including space, technology, and brain research.