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Streaming Video Options for Educators

Miami Dade College Learning Resources provides access to a number of streaming video collections. They are accessible to all MDC students, staff, or faculty members.
Creating Clips and Playlists

Sharing Films and Playlists

To share a film or playlist, go to the details page for any film or playlist and select the Share tab. (You may need to scroll down to see this tab.)

Note: To access a film or playlist through a shared link, you need to be a member of the library the link was shared from.

Here you'll find several options for sharing the video:

  • Link: Provides a direct link to the title or playlist details page. Select Copy Link to copy the link to your clipboard, or select an "Email & Social Media" option to share the link through that platform.
  • Embed This Video: Generates a link for embedding a video on another website where HTML is supported (e.g., a personal website or a learning management system). Select Copy Link to copy the link to your clipboard. To watch the embedded video, the viewer will need to enter their Kanopy credentials for your institution. Watching a film through an embedded link uses a play credit.
  • Citation Tool: Creates citations for films and series in various styles. Select your preferred citation style, then select Copy Text to copy the citation to your clipboard. (The citation tool isn't available for playlists.)

Note: When linking to a playlist, you can make a playlist start at the second video by adding &pos=2 to the end of a direct link (this will not work for an embed link). Replace the "2" with the position number of any video in the playlist to begin there (e.g., &pos=3 will start the playlist at the third video).