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Streaming Video Options for Educators

Miami Dade College Learning Resources provides access to a number of streaming video collections. They are accessible to all MDC students, staff, or faculty members.
20+ Patient “Cases” Available, Highlights Include:
  • A patient experiencing an acute psychiatric episode in an emergency room setting.
  • An adolescent exhibiting depression and feelings of suicide.
  • A patient showing signs of panic disorder and OCD.
  • A nurse conducting a mental status exam on a patient with Alzheimer’s Dementia.
  • A patient experiencing paranoia triggered from not taking medication for Bipolar Disorder.
  • Interventions by a nurse to redirect a domestic argument between a patient and his partner.

Included within each “Case” are additional patient scenarios demonstrating important skills such as limit setting, diffusing of anger, patient negotiations, phrasing of questions, and use of assessments.