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Professor Zaidi, Homestead Campus

Assignment 1 

Introductory Descriptive Essay (500 to 600 word count)

The first assignment in ENC-1101 focuses on the personal experiences you have encountered. In this essay, you are open to writing about yourselves, your family members, friends, or a personal experience you have had. This is to get to know you as students. Just have fun with writing as it is to introduce yourself.

As it is your first essay, you are expected to write at least five- paragraphs following the APA format.

Here are the guidelines:

· Do the setting of the word document before you start typing? For example, double spacing, font size, and style, alignment of the page, and the page number.

· Create a title page as instructed and shown in the video provided.

· The essay starts on page 2.

· Create a proper heading for levels 1 and 2.

· There must be one main title heading and four subheadings for supporting paragraphs.

Grading Criteria of Introductory Descriptive Essay: (Total: 50 Points)

· Introduction: 5 Points

· Three supporting Paragraphs: 30 (10 points for each paragraph)

· Conclusion: 5 points

· Grammar and Mechanics: 3 Points

· Seeing a tutor (Document or witness): 2 Points

· APA format: 5 Points

Note: It is mandatory to see a tutor before submitting the final draft.

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