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Professor Zaidi, Homestead Campus

Assignment 2 

Assignment Description (750 word count):

Choose an interview with anyone from history. Speak about the interviewee and provide a life summary about the person. Then, analyze the interview, and provide a brief summary of what the person spoke about. Remember, it is a non-biased approach, so no persuasion should be included. You should simply explain and then analyze what has been discussed.

For example, if your interview is on Barack Obama, first, provide a summary of his life, his accomplishments, his prime focus, etc. Then, provide an analysis of the interview, including what he spoke about, his viewpoint, and the prime focus of the interview.

Here is the breakdown:

· In the introduction, provide the name and occupation of the designated personality. Then, state the main theme of the whole discussion.

· In the first body paragraph, describe the life summary of the personality including their achievements, their mark on society, etc.

· In the second body paragraph, give the synopsis of the interview.

· In the third body paragraph, analyze it and state what you understood of it.

· The final paragraph is the conclusion.

Informational and Analytical Essay Criteria: (75 Points)

· Introduction: 10 Points

· Body Paragraphs 2 and 3: 20 Points (10 points for each paragraph)

· Body Paragraph 4: 15 Points

· Conclusion:10 points

· Grammar and Mechanics: 5 Points

· Seeing a tutor (Document or witness): 5 Points

· APA format: 10 Points

Note: It is mandatory to see a tutor before submitting the final draft.

Suggested Databases
Citing a YouTube Video

Asian Boss. (2020, June 5). World’s leading vaccine expert fact-checks COVID-19 vaccine conspiracy: Stay curious #22 [Video]. YouTube.

Harvard University. (2019, August 28). Soft robotic gripper for jellyfish [Video]. YouTube.

  • Parenthetical citations: (Asian Boss, 2020; Harvard University, 2019)
  • Narrative citations: Asian Boss (2020) and Harvard University (2019)
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