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Professor Zaidi, Homestead Campus

Assignment 3 

Persuasive Essay (roughly 750 words)

Write an argumentative essay on the following topic:

Do you think COVID was responsibly handled by the government? Draft a brief persuasive essay, supporting your viewpoint with clear, specific details. Be sure to acknowledge opposing viewpoints in your counterargument.

Take your position and support with evidence and reasons. Evidence includes facts, data, and quotes. Evidence should be supported. Follow an APA format. Write a five-paragraph essay. At least, include four to five citations from the Miami Dade College library database to support your major points. Once you upload a file (a word document) from your computer, make sure that you scroll down and hit the submit key. Remember, the essay will be submitted in Safe Assign, so be careful when you insert citations. Last, but not least, do not forget to include References on a separate page.

Persuasive Essay Criteria: 75 Points

· Introduction: 15 Point

· Two supporting Paragraphs: 16 (8 points for each paragraph)

- Counterclaim along with the Rebuttal: 14 Points

· Conclusion: 10 points

· Grammar and Mechanics: 5 Points

· Seeing a tutor (Document or witness): 5 Points

· APA format: 10 Points

Note: It is mandatory to see a tutor before submitting the final draft.

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