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Professor Zaidi, Homestead Campus

Assignment 4 

Research-Based Argument Essay (5-7 pages)

This project invites you to continue your inquiry into the research process by exploring a specific and current controversial issue that stands out to you as particularly interesting, troubling, or important. Building upon our readings and discussions, you will perform outside research (which may include primary as well as secondary research) to familiarize yourself with the dominant conversations surrounding your selected issue. Through this research, you will craft your own argument essay as a contribution to that discussion.

The research process will include the following elements:

· proposal and conference (Assign in the class/homework activity)

· research-based argument essay = 30% (Current and due)

· analytic reflection = 5% (Upcoming)

Each assignment component is carefully structured to support the development of the final product: a polished presentation of your argument, situated within broader conversations, supported with persuasive evidence, leading logically to concluding advice, recommendations, or (partial) solutions for a general public audience.

This process will culminate in a 5-7-page essay that builds on the research you have completed and contributes to the conversations surrounding your topic. In this paper, you will present a thoughtful argument about your chosen issue, supported with evidence from primary and secondary source, organized logically for audience understanding, and delivered in a polished final product.

You must include in-text citations from and a reference page for 4-5 credible sources, which must be scholarly/peer reviewed journal articles. NOTE: The APA-style title, abstract, and reference pages do not count toward the 5-7 pages required for this essay.

Structure of the Research Paper, here is the format:

I. Title page


III. Introduction (Page 3)

· Thesis Statement

IV. Body Paragraphs

· Pros

· Support (Article 1)

· Support (Article 2)

· Cons

· Support (Article 3)

· Support (Article 4)

V. Analysis/Synthesis

· Your Position/ Stance

· Defend with evidence

VI. Conclusion

VII. Reference Page

Suggested Databases
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