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Curated Lists 2023

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How to Light Your Vlog (2018)

In this video Jay Morgan shows you how to light your vlog with a ring light. (8mins)

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Youtube Tools For Creators (2023)

Nick Nimmin covers different Youtube tools to get it all done. From video editing to thumbnails to writing scripts, etc. there are a lot of tools that make it all easier. (8mins)

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How to Create a Podcast for Beginners (2022)

Omar, from Think Media, shares how to create a podcast for beginners, including how to choose a mic and a recorder; and how to record and edit your podcast. (10mins)

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Youtubeland Like and Subscribe (2017)

Nowadays nearly every child dream of becoming rich and famous on Youtube. Which clever earnings model is hiding behind this success story, and how will this affect our future media landscape? A number of professional YouTubers offer a glimpse in the wondrous world of the YouTube industry. (45mins)

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