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Curated Lists 2023

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Reel South: Season 7 (2022)

Reel South is a series of short films showcasing a formidable cast of unforgettable women. Difficult jobs and hardened communities shape their stories, but with an assured vision for a future of their own making, these Southerners offer a powerful argument for perseverance. Episodes: 1. Little Satchmo. 2. Bury Me at Taylor Hollow. 3. Quaranteened. 4. Florida Woman. 5. Madame Pipi. 6. Broken Wings.

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The Inspiration Series: Bold Women in Media (2016)

Drawn from across popular culture, Stash Magazine presents a striking selection of short films, music videos, game trailers and brand videos showcasing women and girls as forces of nature – powerful players in roles real and imagined. (12 episodes)

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Break the Silence: Reproductive & Sexual Health Stories (2019)

Women from a variety of racial and ethnic, age, sexual orientation, and class backgrounds candidly recount their histories around sexual education, health, autonomy, pleasure, and human rights. (59mins)

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The History Chicks (by Beckett Graham & Susan Vollenweider)

“The History Chicks” is a podcast focusing on the lost stories of women from around the world, with each episode highlighting the failures, successes, and juicy drama that they got into in their time. If you’re curious about the greatest queens, empresses, philanthropists, scientists, artists, outlaws, murderesses and cultural icons, “The History Chicks” is about to become your new obsession.

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