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Curated Lists 2023

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Spies of Mississippi (2013)

The most powerful men in Mississippi have quietly created a secret, state-funded spy agency, the Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission, answering directly to the Governor. During the height of the civil rights movement, sovereignty commission operatives employed a cadre of black operatives who infiltrated the movement, rooting out its future plans, identifying its leaders, and tripping up its foot soldiers. By gaining the trust of civil rights crusaders, they gathered crucial intelligence on behalf of the segregationist state. (53mins)

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At the River I Stand (1993)

In the 1960’s, Memphis’ 1,300 sanitation workers formed the lowest caste of a deeply racist society, earning so little they qualified for welfare. Now, retired workers recall their fear about challenging the white power structure when they struck for higher rages historical forces collided that April in 1968, culminating in the tragic death of Martin Luther King, Jr. (58mins)

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