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Curated Lists 2023

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Watercolor Tips & Techniques with Georgia Mansur (2016)

Georgia loves to paint outdoors, and her work is a reflection of her emotional response to the world around her, painting subjects in an expressive manner. Starting in the studio, she shows us a variety of techniques which she then uses in her paintings en plein air. She also paints a studio painting of flowers to further demonstrate some of these techniques.  (1hr 40mins)

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Figurative Watercolor with Charles Reid (2012)

The film centers around figures painted in the studio and gives the viewer an insight into Charles’s philosophy as well as his practical approach to painting. He chooses contrasting figures, starting with two poses of a young woman, followed by one of an older, bearded man. (1hr 38mins)

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Watercolour Plein Air with Andy Evansen (2019)

Andy Evansen paints in a loose and impressionistic style and in this film the emphasis is on painting en plein air. Working in the Cotswolds in the UK, he stresses the importance of doing a value study before embarking on a full painting and shows us how to simplify and connect shapes. (1hr 40mins)

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