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Spring 2021 Virtual GSELS Projects Showcase

Hunter Glenn Project 2

Global Sustainability and Earth Literacy Studies, Earth Ethics Institute

Project Title and Description

"Untitled"                                                                                                                                           UN Sustainable Development Goals #12  UN Sustainable Development Goals #15

Course:     ART 1203C

Instructor: Yomarie Silva

I tested myself to compose an artwork to raise awareness regarding plastic waste, its catastrophic effects on ecology and marine life, the obstacle of biomagnification, illegal dumping, irresponsible fishing (i.e., leaving nets behind), and most importantly, the horrendous example we are currently setting, therefore influencing future generations for years to come. This piece, in sort, is an urgent appeal for vital change and justice regarding an impending global ecological disaster that demands to be addressed by U.S lawmakers and all other global entities.


Hunter Glenn Project 2, Image 1

Hunter Glenn Project 2, Image 2

Hunter Glenn Project 2, Image 3

Hunter Glenn Project 2, Image 4