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North Campus and Meek Center Learning Resources, Department Expectations: Conduct


Employees must use professional language and conduct.

As representatives of the College, employees are expected to conduct themselves in an ethical, professional, respectful, and collaborative manner at all times. 

During work hours, employees are expected to NOT:
  • play digital games from portable handheld devices
  • gamble or conduct other games of chance while on College premises
  • disrupt or interfere with the administration or function of the College and Campus
Personal Phone Calls

Cell phone use and texting should be for emergency purposes. 

Phone/Person Greeting

All faculty and staff will be addressed in a professional manner. For example: when addressing parents, use "Mr. or Ms."; with a faculty member, use "Professor or Dr." unless they have expressed comfort with being called by their first name. 


All employees must have a full email signature in both external and internal outgoing messages. This signature must include: first name and last name, position title, department name, College/Campus name, address, phone number, and email address. 

Falsification of any MDC records is prohibited.

This includes but is not limited to time sheets, service requests, research, and/or work related documents, may lead to disciplinary action up to and including termination. 

Things to Avoid