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North Campus and Meek Center Learning Resources, Department Expectations: Work Time & Assignments


Notify a Supervisor in advance in each of the following instances:
  • Leaving the workstation for excessively long periods
  • Needing changes to your work schedule or break schedule
  • Having difficulty clocking in the time you are assigned to work for that day or clocking out at your assigned end time
  • Making up hours or working any missed hours
  • Going over your assigned hours
  • Working on alternative activities, which have not been assigned
  • Unable to complete an assignment by the communicated deadline

Missed Punch Forms

If you are unable to clock in or clock out for some reason, please download, fill out, and sign the appropriate Missed Punch form below:

Once signed and completed, email it to Stephanie Garcia at and Ariane Tulloch at

Meet Your Supervisors

Angel Hernandez's picture

Angel Hernandez
Campus Director

North Campus

(305) 237-8308

Stephanie Garcia's picture

Stephanie Garcia
Associate Director

North Campus

(305) 237-1180

Edwin Gilmore's picture

Edwin Gilmore
Learning Resources Professional

North Campus

(305) 237-8085

Simone Williams
Learning Resources Professional

North Campus

(305) 237-1471

Ariane Tulloch's picture

Ariane Tulloch
Academic Support Writing Coach

North Campus

(305) 237-1496