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Unify America Challenge: About

This Libguide is dedicated to the Unify America Challenge College Bowl, a face-to-face video conversation between two students who attend different schools and may vote differently, live in different geographies, or have different life experiences.

Learn About the MDC Unify Challenge

We are more united than you think.

Unify America creates interactive experiences to help people bust out of their bubbles, build civic muscles, and work together to tackle our country’s biggest challenges.

It starts by having a guided conversation with someone outside your “bubble.”

If you’re worried about how divided we’ve become and want a simple but powerful way to help this country heal, you’ve come to the right place. Join the thousands of people who are taking the Unify Challenge.

What is the Unify Challenge?

Get paired with someone who lives outside your “bubble” over a video call. You’ll take a guided survey together about goals for America across a dozen topics. It’s fun, fascinating, and might even give you a little hope.  The Unify Challenge is proving that when it comes to big goals for our country… we’re not that far apart.

Watch this 2-minute video below to see what it's like!