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Padrón Campus Environmental Sustainability & Innovation: About Us

Enhancing Learning and Changemaking Related to Environmental Sustainability, Resilience and Earth Literacy

There are no passengers on spaceship earth. We are all crew.
-- Marshall McLuhan

Earth Ethics Institute Events

Earth Ethics Institute Events
Follow Earth Ethics Institute on MDC's Events Calendar


Earth Ethics Institute Online Resources

Earth Ethics Institute Online Resources
Check out these additional online resources (curated by MDC's Earth Ethics Institute)
Earth Ethics Institute Online Resources

Wellness Resources

MDC Wellness Resources
Earth Ethics Institute supports wellness and a culture of care at MDC

Food Pantry

Student Food Pantry

Stop by the ACCESS Department, Room 1112 (Student Services area) on Tuesdays from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM and Wednesdays from 5:00 to 7:00 PM to receive FREE items.

Would you like to help restock the Student Food Pantry?

Items needed: feminine hygiene items, toiletries, proteins (canned tuna, sausage, peanut butter, etc.), tomato sauce, pasta, rice, beans, and breakfast items.

Haiti Relief

Haiti Relief (through reuse, etc.) 

​Please help us collect empty pill bottles and other First-Aid items for use in Haiti. You can drop off materials in Building Six, Level 12, Room 100

For more details, please contact Profs. Nathalie Cajuste & Rebecca Sanchez.


Campus Learning Community

Campus Learning Community
The Campus Learning Community is an Earth Ethics Institute initiative that encourages MDC learning about and engagement with the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (aka "SDGs" or "Global Goals").


Miami Dade College (MDC) is a proud member of The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE).

Please see the AASHE calendar for other events.

The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE)


Aspen Institute Logo



Dr. Mark Tirpak - Program Professional (part-time), Earth Ethics Institute



About Us 

Padrón Campus Environmental Sustainability & Innovation promotes environmental sustainability as an opportunity for innovation. It involves an interdisciplinary group of students, faculty, staff, and administrators who are dedicated to enhancing learning and changemaking related to environmental sustainability and earth literacyIndividuals include GSELS Faculty and Changemaker Committee members. Efforts are supported by Student Life, different student Clubs, Facilities, STEM and WeLearn 366 grant programming, Institute for Civic Engagement & Democracy (iCED), Learning ResourcesMedia ServicesSingle Stop, the Honors College and other partners.

Earth Ethics Institute convenes and leads different efforts to advance campus sustainability.


Image describing linear, recycling, and circular economies


Image of an inverted pyramid framing how to manage "waste' in four steps  1. Reduce (strict avoidance; reduction at the source)  2. Reuse (reuse; preparing or designing for reuse)  3. Recycle (waste sorting; recycling  4. Energy recovery & disposal (eg. the smallest point of the inverted pyramid)

News & Events

News & Events 

Join MDC500! Document walking, biking, rolling or using public transit for 500 miles to get around to join our crew of people-powered commuters!


Miami Dade County 
is Taking Climate Action

Miami Dade County Climate Action Strategy


  • Benchmark, retune and retrofit existing buildings
  • Expand on-site and off-site renewable energy
  • Build ultra-low energy buildings
  • Reduce transportation-related fuel consumption
  • Expand and protect green and blue spaces
  • Convert waste to energy
  • Reduce waste and water use

How do these 2030 aims shape YOUR way of life?


The City of Miami:
 We ALL Need to Take Climate Action

City of Miami: What can I do about climate change?



Ilissa Ocko: The fastest way to slow climate change now | TED Countdown - YouTube


Rising Tide: Priced Out In Miami | Full Documentary - YouTube


Dire but not hopeless: We CAN fix Climate Change (2022) -- YouTube (16-minute video)


The Economist (2021): See What Three Degrees of Global Warming Looks Like -- YouTube (16-minute video)


Project Drawdown: Climate Solutions 101 (free online course)


The Story of Plastic (Full Documentary) - YouTube

New Shaded Seating in the Zen Garden
Image of tables and chairs

Check it out! Congratulations to MDC Facilities for completing these student-initiated improvements!


Gardening (3pm) & Wellness Walks (4pm) -- Every Tuesday


Garden volunteers are needed every Tuesday at 3pm (and on other days and times -- just contact Volunteers should dress for outside work and bring drinking water. Tasks include watering, weeding, harvesting, picking up litter and organizing the little library.

At 4pm, we stop work 
for weekly wellness walks around campus -- starting at Urbana Space!



hiring student Civic Ambassadors

GSELS Classes & Student Scholars

Global Sustainability and Earth Literacy Studies (GSELS) classes at MDC -- which are part of different academic programs -- acknowledge the interconnections and interdependencies that define our world. Students can earn GSELS Scholar recognition at MDC, in part by doing well in GSELS classes (see the requirements).

In April 2022, student Daniela Cerrato earned GSELS Scholar recognition.

YES! Club
Padrón Campus YES for Environmental Sustainability (YES!) Club is a student organization (sponsored by Earth Ethics Institute) whose mission is to highlight the importance of sustainability and biological diversity while educating others about the function of natural ecosystems and their intrinsic value.

Advisor: Albert Lenel


Engineers for a Sustainable World
Padrón Campus Engineers for a Sustainable World mobilizes students and professionals through education, technical projects and collaborative action to impact local and global sustainability challenges. We envision a world in which engineering fosters environmental, social and economic sustainability to improve both the quality of life and the condition of our planet.

Advisors: Jykro Correo & Adolfo Mendez

Joyce DiBenedetto-Colton Earth Literacy Award

Named for our friend, longtime supporter, past director, and current EEI board member, this annual Award celebrates a student's superior achievement and action in support of Earth and Earth Literacy.

In April 2022, Giselle Jimenez received this Award for Padrón Campus, as nominated by Professors Albert Lenel and Emily Sendin (Communications, Arts & Philosophy).

Urbana Space (Pine Rocklands Habitat)
Located at the corner of SW 6th Street and SW 25th Avenue.

Pine rocklands are a globally imperiled ecosystem native to Southeast Florida, with plant and animal species found nowhere else. After winning a Public Space Challenge offered by The Miami Foundation, Padrón Campus transformed part of its landscaping into pine rockland habitat.  

David McGuirk Memorial Zen Garden
Located across from the employee parking lot.

Associate Professor David McGuirk (English, Literature and Sociology), who passed away in 2014, had a particular concern for environmental sustainability. Along with leading Earth Day and Sustainability Committee activities at Padrón Campus, he assisted faculty and staff in developing co-curricular learning opportunities for students in sustainability and earth literacy, as well as with efforts to create and maintain a ‘green’ campus environment.

MLK Butterfly Garden
Located at the corner of SW 6th Street and SW 25th Avenue (inside the employee parking lot)

Student, faculty and staff created this garden in January 2022 as a way to remember Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and help to improve the campus environment.

Bike Parking

Covered bicycle parking is available at street level in both garages -- accessible from 7th Street.

(Bicycle Parking -- South Garage)

(Bicycle Parking -- North Garage)


Earth Ethics Institute (EEI) at Miami Dade College (MDC): Fostering earth literacy at Miami Dade College and beyond