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Padrón Campus Environmental Sustainability & Innovation: Collecting Used Batteries

Enhancing Learning and Changemaking Related to Environmental Sustainability, Resilience and Earth Literacy

Collecting Used Batteries

Quick Copy / the Mail Room at Padrón Campus (located in the North parking garage) has taken the lead in collecting used batteries to divert them from landfill. Batteries can also be dropped off near the faculty offices (Building 1, Level 3) and with Earth Ethics Institute (Building 6, Level 12).

Collected batteries are taken to The Home Depot Store -- which has partnered with Call2Recycle, a nonprofit battery recycling program. Please help to support this effort and keep used batteries out of our landfills.



MDC Quick Copy Office 

(Quick Copy / Mail Room entrance -- North Garage)

Batteries collected in MDC's Quick Copy (Mail Room) officce

(Quick Copy / Mail Room used battery collection point -- North Garage)