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Padrón Campus Sustainability Committee: Campus Updates

Enhancing Learning and Changemaking Related to Environmental Sustainability, Resilience and Earth Literacy

Campus Updates

August 2022

  • Additional mulching to help further formalize the MLK Butterfly Garden; numerous atalia butterflies have been spotted in this new green space but also in the Zen Garden

July 2022

  • Continuation of weekly outdoor Wellness Walks (Tuesdays at 4pm), starting from Urbana Space; 16 garbage cans full of litter around campus have been picked so far (and removed from waterways) as part of these walks.

June 2022

  • Expansion of the Plants on Campus initiative, in partnership with Learning Resources
  • Continuation of weekly outdoor Wellness Walks (Tuesdays at 4pm), starting from Urbana Space

May 2022

  • Additional indoor plants introduced to campus (and celebrated) via the Plants on Campus initiative; this work was supported by Learning Resources and their plant propagation efforts
  • New furniture (additional table seating) added to the Zen Garden, as championed by Student Life
  • Launch of weekly outdoor Wellness Walks (Tuesdays at 4pm), starting from Urbana Space

April 2022

  • Plants on Campus initiative launched
  • The campus celebrates Earth Week with a Haiku Tree, discussion about Miami's Climate Future and a Cosmic Walk

March 2022

  • Harvests of collard greens, peppers and tomatoes are shared with students -- via weekly Wellness Wednesdays on campus 
  • Students help to maintain and enhance the new MLK Butterfly Garden (inside the employee parking lot)
  • Over 70 prospective students and their parents as well as other guests tour the campus as part of Spring Open House

February 2022

  • Wellness Wednesday introduces the campus to our resident peregrine falcon
  • Harvests of collard greens and also a bounty of unwanted office supplies are shared with students -- also via weekly Wellness Wednesdays on campus 

January 2022

  • Introduction of catfish into the outside demonstration aquaponics system
  • Garden Harvest Day with students (Thursday, January 11)
  • Establishment of MLK Butterfly Garden


December 2021

November 2021

  • Veggie gardening, composting and maintaining the demonstration aquaponics program

October 2021

September 2021

  • Volunteer gardening and clean-up efforts (weather-permitting) on Thursdays at 4:15pm; efforts to unlock Zen Garden throughout the week
  • Prof. Jaeson Clayborn advances work with aquaponics demonstration on campus
  • Participation in "Planting Kindness Day" (part of #bekind21).


August 2021

  • Documenting and adding campus bike parking to Google Maps
  • Promotion of Student Food Pantry and research into best-by / use-by / sell-by dates
  • Currently, Padrón Campus has a recycling dumpster dedicated to cardboard/paper in the main garage parking lot that custodial and facilities teams use.
  • MDC has just completed a bathroom project with all the campuses -- going touch-free and with an emphasis on sustainability with the products included in all the bathroom dispenser systems
  • Efforts to encourage turning off devices on campus that are not in use

July 2021

  • Documenting and adding campus bike parking to Google Maps.
  • Development of marine aquaponics demonstration systems (led by Prof. Jaeson Clayborn).
  • Addition of a demonstration composting box to David McGuirk Memorial Zen Garden; student volunteer clean-up of the garden.

June 2021

  • Documenting and adding David McGuirk Memorial Zen Garden and Urbanaspace Pine Rocklands Habitat to Google Maps.
  • Start of regular Sustainability News email messages to faculty; efforts to draw attention to Little Havana's and surrounding neighorhood's mango crop and season.

May 2021

  • Padrón Campus Sustainability LibGuide launched.
  • Tidy-up of David McGuirk Memorial Zen Garden prior to campus Open House; adding a screening net to the current rain barrel.