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Padrón Campus Environmental Sustainability & Innovation: Plants on Campus

Enhancing Learning and Changemaking Related to Environmental Sustainability, Resilience and Earth Literacy

Plants on Campus

Being "student first" and promoting a culture of care on campus can mean, among other things, budgeting and caring for indoor plants -- recognizing the benefits of indoor plants for supporting healthier workplaces as well as student learning, wellness and success.

Independent plant lovers have brought plants to campus, but more are needed! Here are just some of the beautiful indoor plants thriving at Padrón Campus:


(Photo of English Ivy and Dieffenbachia plants)


(Photo of Calla Lily plant)


(Photo of Peperomia plant)

Plant Care

Graphical image of people engaged in gardening tasks -- watering and planting

Learn more about plant care!



(Photo of Parlor Palm plants)

(Photo of succulents)