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Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI U): Commitment to Action

This guide provides resources for the Clinton Global Initiative at MDC. Established in 2005 by President Bill Clinton, CGI is an initiative of the Clinton Foundation that convenes global leaders to create and implement innovative solutions.

Commitment to Action

A Commitment to Action is a pledge that takes the form of a new, specific, and measurable plan to solve an issue identified on a college campus, within a local community, or a pressing national or global challenge. This project has a tangible impact in at least one of five focus areas: education, environment and climate change, peace and human rights, poverty alleviation, and public health.

Review the “Commitment to Action” link including the focus areas link and the Commitment to Action Toolkit document for more information.

Past MDC Commitments

  • A Modernized Approach to ESL Student Success*: For CGI U 2022, North Campus students Casey Alonso and Jerzulia Yonel partnered with the MDC World Languages Department to provide MDC ESL students with mentors to facilitate their college experience.
  • Biometrics in the Palm of your Hand: Developed for CGI U 2018 by MDC student Steven Tenorio, this commitment focused on empowering individuals and communities by providing them with a product that allows them to identify markers for disease, curb unhealthy behaviors, and aid them in taking an active role towards improving their health.
  • Sangrar: MDC students Carlos Rodriguez and Laura Conde designed this commitment for CGI U 2022. Sangrar aimed to reduce period poverty and increase awareness of menstrual issues.
  • NapSak for the Homeless: For CGI U 2015, MDC students Sofia Suarez, Mary Murray, and Thang Kim designed a sleeping bag-like enclosure that can also transform into a waterproof and insulated backpack for the homeless community, specifically those who are denied admission to a shelter due to either the lack of beds in shelters or because of drug and alcohol addictions.

 *Click the link below to see the actual “A Modernized Approach to ESL Student Success” Commitment application

Social Impact Curriculum

Once a Commitment to Action is selected by CGI U, students are enrolled in the Social Impact Curriculum.

The Commitment to Acton Social Impact Curriculum is divided into three modules. Each self-paced module is approximately 3 months long and allows students to tailor their participation based on their progression through each stage of the commitment.

Throughout the year, students will be expected to:

  • Join small group discussions.
  • Connect with their CGI U Commitment Mentor for coaching and strategy sessions.
  • Use the self-paced resources and webinars to enhance and apply their knowledge to several small assignments in accompanying workbooks.

Upon the successful completion of these tasks along with the submission of a Progress Report at the end of the year, students will become eligible for CGI U’s Commitment-Maker seal, letters of recommendation, and featuring opportunities. They can also then apply to volunteer as a CGI U Commitment Mentor and become a member of our outstanding alumni community. The content and submission processes are managed through Google Classrooms

The Commitment to Action Social Impact Curriculum will launch when students are onboarded in March and conclude in November of 2023.*

*Please note that this timeline is subject to change as the organization confirms its host campus.