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What is OER?

A Complete Video Course on "Basics of Criminal Law" from LAWShelf - Educational Media

MIT - Criminal Justice Courses

The Meaning of Crime - The Open University

Tough on the causes of crime'. A famous phrase, but what is crime? This free course, The meaning of crime, examines how we, as a 'society', define crime. You will look at the fear that is generated within communities and what evidence is available to support claims that are made about crime rates.

Race, Crime, and Citizenship in American Law

This seminar looks at key issues in the historical development and current state of modern American criminal justice, with an emphasis on its relationship to citizenship, nationhood, and race/ethnicity. We begin with a range of perspectives on the rise of what is often called "mass incarceration": how did our current system of criminal punishment take shape, and what role did race play in that process? Part Two takes up a series of case studies, including racial disparities in the administration of the death penalty, enforcement of the drug laws, and the regulation of police investigations. The third and final part of the seminar looks at national security policing: the development of a constitutional law governing the intersection of ethnicity, religion, and counter-terrorism, and the impact of counter-terrorism policy on domestic police practices.

Mass Murder in the Classroom: The Case Files of John Emil List, Family Annihilator

John Emil List murdered his mother, wife, and three teenaged children on November 9, 1971 in their dilapidated Westfield, NJ mansion. The victims were not discovered for nearly a month, and List escaped capture for nearly 18 years.  This repository includes primary source materials and lesson plans for instructors in criminal justice, history, and psychology.

Murder at the Farm - Hair Evidence Analysis

For this assignment students read about witness interviews and evidence from a case where a farming assistant was murdered. Students then analyze hair evidence along with other evidence and come to a conclusion about the killer.  

Introduction to the American Criminal Justice System

Global Corruption: Law, Theory & Practice

Corruption: Law, Theory & Practice is a key resource for lawyers, public officials, and business persons of tomorrow on anti-corruption laws and strategies. This book has been specifically created to make it easier for professors to offer a law school course on global corruption. The first chapter sets out the general context of global corruption: its nature and extent, and some views on its historical, social, economic and political dimensions. Each subsequent chapter sets out international standards and requirements in respect to combating corruption.

Introduction to Criminal Investigation: Processes, Practices and Thinking

Ethics in Law Enforcement

MERLOT Materials in Criminal Justice

Smithsonian Open Access