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Collection Development - Criminal Justice: Overview of Collection

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PHONE NUMBER:     305-237-1775

LOCATION:            North Campus Library


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Overview of Library Liaison Approach



Library Liaison:    Maria Casado

Discipline Faculty Contact:   Selena Respass

Library liaisons work closely with the Discipline to make sure that the faculty are given the opportunity to select materials and services that best fit the needs of the curriculum.  Each liaison works in a college-wide capacity. Whether it's attending the discipline meetings, working with a small group of professors to review a database, or attending a national conference, library liaisons have the expertise needed in the field to support the changing needs of the discipline and support student success. 

Students can contact Eddy Donne, Secretary with email phone # 305-237-8166 Room 9111 North Campus when Applying for the BAS in Criminal Justice. Your application is not completed until it has been reviewed and approved by Eddy Donne. Also, you can request assistance from Cheryl and Marilyn for their advice and to help you further with your situation. Cheryl Williams with email phone # 305-237-8161. Marilyn Wells with email phone # 305-237-8161

Please kindly note that Bertha Cabrera is not currently working with the School of Justice and has no access to override your classes

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Overview of the Criminal Justice Collection

At Miami Dade College, students and faculty have access to:

  • 982 eBooks in Criminal Justice.
  • A ProQuest Criminal Justice database with relevant content;
  • An EBSCO Criminal Justice Abstracts with full text 
  • 3,374 print titles




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