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More Candy (2011)

Candy is America's sweetest guilty pleasure--so appealing that we spend $25 billion annually to experience it. Our cameras venture from Chicago to Santa Cruz, California to show you that behind every delicious bite is a fascinating story. (43mins)

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Candyman: Confectioner David Klein and the Jelly Belly Jelly Bean (2010)

David Klein dreamed up the sensational Jelly Belly jellybean, but his eccentric personality and peculiar business sense led him to sell the rights to the trademark and iconic logo just before Jelly Belly exploded into a billion-dollar enterprise. Partly inspiring, partly cautionary, this is a tale of the upside and the downside of the American Dream. Is there room for eccentric genius in the modern corporate world? (52mins)

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Milton Hershey: Chocolate King (1996)

This episode of Biography spotlights philanthropic confectioner Milton Hershey, whose commitment to fairness, in an era of ruthless industrialists, led him and his candy empire to sweet success. (48mins)

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Sweets (2016)

Unload a tanker full of sugar and follow it through one of the oldest sweet factories in Britain to see how over 500 workers, as well as some mind-boggling machines, transform it into over a hundred million individual candies within just 24 hours! Go inside the research and development department and experiences how hard it is to come up with a new product! Investigate how candies were first invented in the middle ages, and the darker side of sugar plantations. (60mins)

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