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Curated Lists 2021



Recycling Materials (2015)

Investigate the ease of recycling some materials, such as aluminum and asphalt, and the impracticality of reusing others, such as certain plastics. Look at the different types of plastic, metal, paper, and glass, and discover what you can put in the recycle bin and why. (31mins)

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Power to the Pedals- Bike Culture (2014)

This documentary portrays the transformative vision and extraordinary efforts of Wenzday Jane, a young woman whose mechanical skills and innovative actions are reshaping her community. Wenzday Jane goes to the heart of the sustainability issue by offering practical economic solutions, and suggests that things don't have to be the way they are. The film follows Wenzday as she builds an organization of riders and cargo bicycles that work in agriculture and food delivery, composting, recycling and waste-hauling. (32mins)

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Carretera Cartonera: A Documentary on the Road (2016)

Cartonera publishers are proponents of a salvage economy. They handcraft their books out of recycled materials, often bought straight from Cartoneros, people who make their living by collecting cardboard and selling it to recycle plants. (37mins)

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A Plastic Tide (2017)

Only five percent of plastics are effectively recycled. Much of the rest ends up in our seas and oceans, where it's eaten by marine creatures and ends up in our food chain. Scientists don't yet know what effects it has on our health. (46mins)

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