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Curated Lists 2021

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Is It Closing Time for Zoos? (2016)

For thousands of years we have taken animals out of the wilderness and put them in caged enclosures. However, with our contemporary understanding about the complexity of animal behavior, can we justify keeping them in cages? Liz Bonnin, a PhD student at the Zoological Society of London, visits zoos and speaks to scientists across the globe. From breeding programs and conservation, to education and welfare, Liz evaluates the role zoos have to play in the 21st century. (53mins)

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A Fall from Freedom: Sea Mammals in Captivity (2011)

Whales and dolphins impart a sense of freedom and fellowship when observed in their natural environment. But when captured and penned in, they tell a different story—and often a tragic one. This film exposes the history of the captive whale and dolphin business, which continues to this day. Includes interviews with scientists, activists, marine biologists, former trainers, and current and past marine park officials. (1hr 21mins)

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Lolita: Slave to Entertainment (2002)

Valerie Silidker and Tim Gorski set out to uncover the real-life story of Lolita, the world's oldest performing whale. Their journey takes them from Miami, Florida to the San Juan Islands where she was captured three decades ago. An intimate tale unfolds as they unearth many heavily guarded secrets surrounding the multi-billion-dollar marine theme park industry. (59mins)

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