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Curated Lists 2021



Plan the Garden of Your Dreams (2013)

Episode 1 of the ‘How to Grow Anything’ series. Presenter gives an overview of the step-by-step process for creating a garden, guiding you through the process of weeding old garden spaces; testing your soil; evaluating growing conditions; picking the best topsoil; using annuals, perennials, and biennials to best effect; and mapping out your garden with the space available. (34mins)

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Plant Selection: Natives versus Non-Natives (2018)

Episode 5 of ‘The Science of Gardening’ series. Native plants are always a better home-garden choice than non-natives, right? We know they are best suited to thrive in the soils and ecosystems of the area and will create the best wildlife habitat. But does garden science support those "truths"? You might be surprised to learn how introduced species can enhance your garden and landscape biodiversity. (30mins)

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Earth Day: Butterfly Gardening (2020)

Are you interested in attracting butterflies to your yard? Join Long Island Aquarium Entomologist and DNALC Educator Jeff Petracca for a discussion of some butterfly gardening tips to get started on building your very own butterfly garden this Spring, a fun-filled family activity that helps to create habitat for these delicate creatures! (9mins)

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