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Curated Lists 2021



Mirage Men: UFOs and the U.S. Government (2013)

Mirage Men draws viewers into a saucer-shaped hall of mirrors, a shadow-world where every lie contains elements of the truth, and the truth is far stranger than the UFO believers, or their detractors, would have you believe. (1hr 25mins)

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The Visit: An Alien Encounter (2014)

Documents humanity’s first encounter with intelligent life from another world. Filmmaker Michael Madsen’s interviews construct a chillingly believable scenario of first contact on Earth. (1hr 23mins)

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Exoplanets and Extraterrestrial Life (2015)

Fiction writers have led the way in exploring the prospects of life beyond Earth. See how scientists are catching up, looking for extraterrestrial organisms using a variety of ingenious techniques. (27mins)

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Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind: Contact Has Begun (2020)

Presents the most controversial information ever released to the public. Whistleblowers and scientists bring viewers face to face with extraterrestrial visitors and their message for humanity. (2hrs)

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