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Humanities Edge Undergraduate Research Symposium | Fall 2021

Decaying Like a Girl by Sofia Rocabado


When we go to art galleries and museums, we expect to see inspiring art that is a reflection of our whole society; however, we seldom realize that most of the art we see and are exposed to is primarily made by straight white men -- 35% of the American population. In fact, only around 11% of art owned by leading museums and cultural institutions was created by women and even less is made by women from diverse backgrounds. This research project aimed to explore modern sculptures made by women from various walks of life. Inspired by the art of three women sculptors -- Doreen Garner, Louise Bourgeois, and Judith Scott -- my art series Decaying Like a Girl honors these three women’s struggles in a male dominated art world, My artworks celebrate these female contributions to modern sculpture and explores their themes of decay, accumulation, binding, Feminism and exploration of altering forms.  What women have to say has been neglected and overpowered for far too long and Decaying Like a Girl extends the artistic conversation that Garner, Bourgeois and Scott begin many decades ago.

Artist Statement

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Live Presentation Recording