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Humanities Edge Undergraduate Research Symposium | Fall 2021

 Feedback: On Noise and Its Users by Mario Rodriguez


This research contains information on the equipment necessary for creating guitar feedback such as amplifiers and effects pedals. It also includes a few notable bands which have innovated noise-making guitar soundscapes. The songs included in the project were found by research or by word of mouth from other musicians. The purpose of the project is to promote the use of distortion and feedback in music to achieve unique sounds which are not possible without utilizing the Larsen effect. My additional recordings include a few examples of feedback using distortion and other effects, an overdubbed recording of noise and feedback over a looped bVI/I - IVm7 progression in the key of E, providing a musical context for the use of feedback, to layer distorted tones and feedback produced by the guitar. The recordings were produced in GarageBand, using a BOSS GT-1 Effects Processor, a Squire Stratocaster, and a 15-watt amplifier, sometimes connected to headphones to induce feedback.

Research Project

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