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Humanities Edge Undergraduate Research Symposium | Fall 2021

Humanities Edge Undergraduate Research Symposium - Undergraduate Researchers

Hialeah Campus
Homestead Campus

Feedback: On Noise and Its Users

Deconstructing The Gender Binary: An Exploration Of Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Literature
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Mario Rodriguez
Faculty Mentor: Yane Nemeroff
Noah Garcia
Faculty Mentor: Yanely Webb
Mario Rodriguez is a first-year student at Miami Dade College majoring in Music. He developed many interests throughout his life, and currently intends to study the assortment of sounds which make up music. His project will examine feedback (Larsen effect) in a musical context, its use throughout music history, and its methods of manipulation. The purpose of the project is to encourage the usage of noise to achieve unique effects and colors. Noah Garcia is a second-year student currently studying English and Literature at Miami-Dade College, Homestead campus. Born and raised in Miami, Florida, by a Cuban immigrant, single mother, Noah became passionate in social activism at a young age. This early passion found itself being explored through reading books, writing poetry, and painting ideas. Noah was involved in the creative writing program, was the leader of several clubs, and graduated high school with high honors. In that time period, Noah participated in several writing competitions and once won runner-up for the local Scholastic Writing Awards. Today, they are beginning their training as a tutor for the America Reads program, with the goal to help the children of their community. Noah is also an active member of Estuaries, a literary arts magazine at the Homestead Campus. Noah is working towards graduating from MDC with their associate’s degree, to then eventually transfer to the University of Central Florida. They aspire to become a published author, as well as use different artistic mediums to bring awareness to social issues impacting the world. Noah’s ultimate goal is to foster change in marginalized communities and to help those in need. In their spare time, they love painting, writing, meditating, and discussing activism and historical topics.
Kendall Campus

The Healing Work of Art Therapy

Decaying Like a Girl
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Valerie Chaparro
Faculty Mentor: Ray Morales
Sofia Rocabado
Faculty Mentor: John Frazier
Valerie Chaparro is a third year student at Miami Dade college Kendall campus, and is majoring in graphic design. She works as a photographer and is passionate about storytelling and connecting with people through visual arts and communication. Valerie’s interests include learning how people’s minds and emotions work, and how therapy and the arts can help improve us holistically. Once she graduates from MDC, she hopes to get her masters degree in Art Therapy while also continuing to work in the field of documentary photography. She was born and raised in Miami, Florida, and enjoys traveling and anything that includes being out in nature.

Sofia Rocabado is a sophomore at Miami Dade College, Kendall Campus pursuing a Fine Arts degree. During her time at the college, she has discovered a newfound passion for creating sculptures. Sofia uses her art to explore different ways she can depict decomposition and decay. She aspires to one day have her art featured in galleries and magazines around the world. Sofia plans to transfer to the University of Florida after completing her Associate Degree at Miami Dade College.

North Campus
Singularity: The Ruin, Conquest, and Consistent Elements of Severe Anxiety  
Dean Gil
Faculty Mentor: Dorienne Lewis

Born in Hialeah, Florida, but raised in Miramar, Dean Gil is currently majoring in English/Literature at Miami Dade College. Dean will be graduating in Spring of 2023 with his next goal being enrollment into Florida International University to earn a Bachelor's degree in Creative Writing. Creativity has always been a double-edged sword for Dean. Through the expressions of writing and analyzing literary works, he has found that leaning towards fictional pieces has created a foundation that narrows down his passions into feasible goals. Individualism is a core aspect deeply rooted in Dean's values. Inspired by multitudes of creative works, ranging from novels to even manga, his overarching passion is to journey into the unknown with his ideologies to conjure up a new lens through which the world could be seen. A career goal for Dean would be to become a successful editor, fueling his calling in the never-ending exposure of independent ideas. On days where Dean isn’t studying, he is usually stuck on a new novel, engaging in the physical challenges of CrossFit, or researching a deeper meaning behind his favorite creative works. Dean is constantly finding ways to stay busy in gratitude for the life he is living now and the future ahead in his emergence into the world of mediocrity. He expects himself to differentiate from the ordinary and inspire others to step away from society's norms and embrace our inner personas.

Padrón Campus
Artists in Times of War “DesignHer:” An Exploratory Study on Inequality in the Graphic Design Industry
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Elisa Blanco
Faculty Mentor: Simeon Richardson
Marie Chacon
Faculty Mentor: Emily Sendin
Elisa Blanco is currently a first year with the Miami Dade Honors College. She is currently majoring in Graphic design and Commercial Arts, with the goal of transferring into an art school to further her career. Creativity has always been in her life, whether it be painting with her grandfather, or learning the different techniques her aunt uses while producing. She is extremely grateful for the opportunities life has given her, and she looks forward to seeing what else is in store for her.

Marie Chacon is a first-generation, Ecuadorian-born, college student whose life has revolved around the arts. She is currently seeking an Associate of Art degree in Graphic or Commercial Arts at Miami Dade College’s Eduardo J. Padrón Campus. Before attending Miami Dade College, Marie was awarded All Florida for both fall and spring terms of Florida Scholastic Press Association (FSPA) and Silver Key for Scholastic Regional Awards 2020-2021. Additionally, she was an intern for a non-profit organization, Arts for Learning (A4L) in 2019, in which she exhibited an immersive sculpture, representing the process of overthinking. While it is her first year at Miami Dade College, she has been engaged in clubs and programs as a member of both the Presidential Scholarship Program and president of the American Dream Scholarship Club. Creativity does not escape Marie as her hobbies include journaling, blogging, photography, and learning new languages.

Genocides Across Nations & Governments, Rwanda & Germany  
Joseph Vega
Faculty Mentor: Alicia Garcia
Joseph Vega is a student at Miami Dade College, pursuing a major in history. He’s also learning Italian and would like to apply his language skills in his career. Mr. Vega’s favorite topics are World War II history and the Roman Empire. He plans to become a history professor and continue his research in the field.  
West Campus 
The Impact of Social Media Social Media & Mental Health
Edgar Teran
Faculty Mentor: Brinda Surendar
Lucciana Valdes
Faculty Mentor: Taurie Gittings

Edgar Teran was born in Venezuela in 2001. He is currently studying English in the EAP program but plans to study film, production, and television. He chose to participate in this program because he wants to learn from his mentors how he can do a good research project. It is a goal of his since English is not his first language. He selected the topic of media because he believes that it has some benefits, but it has another point of view depending on the person and the country.

Luciana Valdes is a bilingual sophomore at Miami Dade College majoring in Mass Communications. She plans to transfer to Florida International University to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Digital and Interactive Media. She's dedicated to her work, is learning to play the guitar, loves spending time with her family and friends, and enjoys traveling.

Wolfson Campus 
Triumph Through Trials The Dancing Ear: How does one dance to music that they cannot hear?
Andrew Ruby
Faculty Mentor: Kristin Borgwald
Anna Wiley
Faculty Mentor: Alan Ngim

Andrew Ruby is a 23-year-old student from Miami Gardens, Florida. He currently takes classes at Miami Dade College Wolfson campus, where he is studying English and is making the Dean’s List. As an aspiring author and spoken word artist, he hopes to change the lives of others through the power of words. Some of his accomplishments include being a part of the Freedom Writers Journal that was published in the Library of Congress. His work has also been published in the Orange Island Review, as well as a journal showcasing the work of the Museum of Contemporary Arts Chicago’s sponsored program, Write To The City. Andrew was selected to compete and won the category of “Best Of” in the Brave New Voices International Youth Poetry Slam Festival in Washington, D.C.

Anna Wiley is a freshman currently studying as a dance major at New World School of the Arts and was selected as one of Miami Dade College’s Rising Black Scholars. Since the age of three, she has shown a passion and love for dance. Originally from West Palm Beach, Florida, she attended Suncoast Community High School in Riviera Beach. She was involved in the school’s Black Student Union, cheerleading, and dance programs. After receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, she plans to pursue her Doctorate in Audiology. Her goals are to become a dance therapist and audiologist to help people in all backgrounds. She wants to use dance as an effective form of rehabilitation and physical development. Anna believes that dance is for everyone, no matter what challenges they may face. When Anna isn’t dancing, she likes to draw, enjoy nature, and spend time with family.