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North Campus Sustainability Team -- About Us: About Us

The Sustainability Team at North Campus builds a Changemaking community through prioritizing Earth Literacy, Environmental Sustainability, and Resiliency

About Us 

The North Campus Sustainability Team is comprised of an interdisciplinary group of faculty, staff, and administrators dedicated to promoting Earth Literacy. Team members represent multiple disciplines and areas of the North Campus and the Meek Center including: Life and Earth Sciences, English & Communications, Mathematics, Learning Resources, Media Services, Admissions & Registration, Earth Ethics Institute, Social Sciences, and Campus Services. Together, the North Campus Sustainability Team coordinates numerous events which are aimed towards educating and inspiring actions that promote sustainability, conservation, and resiliency.

North Campus Team Members:

Campus Sustainability Committee, Co-Chairs
Campus Director of Learning Resource Israel Sánchez
Program Professional at Earth Ethics Institute Stephen Nesvacil

North Campus Sustainability Committee

Associate Professor, Senior - Mathematics Alice Wong
Associate Professor, Senior - Physical Science Andreina Aguado Jiménez
Associate Professor - English & Communication Carmen Mise
Professor - Life Science, Health & Wellness Clemente Fernández
Assistant Professor - Arts & Philosophy Darrell Arnold
Professor - Social Science Ginny Peterson-Tennant
Professor - Life Science, Health & Wellness Jorge Obeso
Associate Professor - English & Communications Kathleen Noonan
Associate Professor - English & Communications Katrina Smith
Associate Professor, Senior - English & Communications Leighton Spence
Media Services Technician III Manuel Domínguez
Associate Professor, Senior - Learning Resources María Casado
Associate Instructor - Learning Resources Nancy Fagel
Chari Person of Chemistry, Physics & Earth Science Pablo Sacasa
Associate Professor - English & Communications Preston Allen
Senior Academic/Career Advisor - Academic & Career Advisement Roger Williams
Associate Professor  - Social Science Scott Murphy
Associate Professor - Life Science, Health & Wellness Tammy Laberge
Assistant Professor -  Physical Science Tina Kuhn
Associate Professor, Senior - English & Communications Tina Lombard
Director of Campus Support Services - Campus Services Víctor Moreno
Manager - Campus Network Services Yainet Oropesa