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North Campus Sustainability Subcommittee -- About Us: Earth Day 2022

The Sustainability Subcommittee exists within the larger Changemaker Committee at North Campus helping to build a Changemaking community through awareness of Earth Literacy, environmental sustainability, and resiliency initiatives.

MDC’S North Campus

Celebrates Virtual Earth Day 2022

Every year, on Earth Day (April 22), 1 billion people around the world mobilize into action through a concerted effort to promote sustainable practices, clean energy, conservation, plant-based consumption, and overall wellness of our planet.

The North Campus of MDC will celebrate this year’s theme “Invest in our Planet” in collaboration with the North Campus Sustainability Committee, the Earth Ethics Institute and students, faculty, staff, and administrators. MDC North Campus aims to inspire the college community to increase their awareness of and participation in global literacy, wellness, and sustainability.

As part of the College’s ongoing commitment to earth’s conservation, the week-celebration will include digital submissions of interactive events and resources to promote environmental awareness and to support sustainable practices.

Links to resources and other regional, national, and international digital events will be provided to garner appreciation as well as global participation in Earth Week 2022.

All events and resources will be archived for future use by faculty and students at