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North Campus Sustainability Subcommittee -- About Us: Earth Day 2021

The Sustainability Subcommittee exists within the larger Changemaker Committee at North Campus helping to build a Changemaking community through awareness of Earth Literacy, environmental sustainability, and resiliency initiatives.

MDC’S North Campus

Celebrates Virtual Earth Day 2021

Every year, on Earth Day (April 22), 1 billion people around the world mobilize into action through a concerted effort to promote sustainable practices, clean energy, conservation, plant-based consumption, and overall wellness of our planet and its biodiversity.

The North Campus of MDC will celebrate this year’s theme “Restore our Earth” by coming together remotely through collaboration between students, faculty, staff, administrators, North Campus Green Team and MDC’s Earth Ethics Institute. MDC aims to educate and inspire the college community in driving change for global literacy, wellness, and sustainability.

“Every individual matters. Every individual has a role to play. Every individual makes a difference.- Jane Goodall, Primatologist and Anthropologist

As part of the College’s ongoing commitment to earth’s conservation, the week-celebration will include digital submissions of students’ work, interactive events, lectures, and resources to promote environmental awareness and to support sustainable practices aimed to ensure the future of our planet.

The events will take place each day virtually. MDC North Campus will provide videos or live broadcasts of activities to engage participants remotely. Links to resources and other regional, national, and international digital events will be provided to garner appreciation as well as global participation in Virtual Earth Week 2021.

All events and resources will be archived for future use by faculty and students at

The Civic Action Scorecard

Listening Circles - Joanna Macy

Why Listening Circles?

As we move deeper into the reality that the Climate Crisis, the Covid Pandemic, the loss of ecosystems, etc. are becoming the 'new normal' and will be with us for the foreseeable future, it is also becoming apparent that we also may want to think about connecting with each other to share our own sense of sadness or grief, or what is now being referred to as ecological anxiety or climate-grief. By bringing our own sense of sadness or grief into the light of day, we are beginning the process of working through the sense of disconnectedness or isolation. As they say when flying, put your own air mask on first before trying to help someone else.


Calendar of Events

Week of April 19-22


Monday, April 19, 2021: Earth Day 2021 #MDCMeatlessMonday

Learning Resources director Mr. Israel Sanchez will kick off the Earth Day 2021, week celebrations with the #MDCMeatlessMonday challenge. We invite you to take on this challenge by eating plant-based foods all-day, Monday, April 19. Share a video of your meal prep, or a picture of your meal. For ideas on plant-based, climate-friendly meals, please visit our Green Team’s LibGuide: Enter your submission via Microsoft Form or via email at

Time: Asynchronous Event


Contact: Israel Sanchez, Campus Director of Learning Resources,


Wednesday, April 21, 2021: Green Chemistry Presentation by Dr. Andreina Aguado Jimenez

Join Dr. Jimenez in an engaging conversation about “Green Chemistry”. Green chemistry, also called sustainable chemistry, is an area of chemistry and chemical engineering focused on the design of products and processes that minimize or eliminate the use and generation of hazardous substances. See how you can make easy changes and contribute to atom economy. 

Contact: Prof. Andreina Aguado Jimenez


Weeklong: The Great Global Cleanup 2021

Whether you join a local cleanup organization or you do it individually, you can make a big difference. Join the global effort to clean up areas in your local community. Share your pictures or videos with MDC North Campus to be featured in our North Campus News. Use the hashtag #NorthCampusCleanup.

Time: Asynchronous


Contact: Tiina Lombard


Tuesday, April 20, 2021: Learn How to Compost at Home

Composting can drastically reduce that amount of solid waste we put in our garbage. Professor Kuhn will play a video on how to make a homemade compost. Professor Kuhn will discuss:

  1. the difference between using worms in a composter and typical soil decomposition
  2. the benefits of composting and methods of decomposition when you have time and space constraints
  3. describe brown composting versus green composting
  4. outline the types of materials that can be used for composting and how we can compost at the North Campus garden
  5. examine the important of understanding what not to compost

Time: Asynchronous

Contact: Tina Kuhn & Tammy Laberge


April 22, 2021: Student Showcase of PBL Projects on Plastic Pollution Solutions

Students will explore the global plastic pollution problem in their GSELS-related psychology course. In small PBL groups they will research the plastic problem and generated viable solutions. They will apply social psychology methods to reach other students and members of the community to engage them in mitigating the plastic pollution problem.   

Time: 11:20 am – 12:30 pm


Contact: Ginny Peterson-Tennant


Weeklong: Sustainability Made Simple: Small Changes for Big Impact

Learning Resources invites you to read the ebook, Sustainability Made Simple: Small Changes for Big Impact remotely. Explore sustainability and sustainable living, from the relationship between everyday life and the intricate global environmental issues of today, to simple changes you can make to lead a more sustainable life.

Time: Asynchronous

Location: Read ebook at

Contact: Erin Fennell