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Collection Development - Criminal Justice: Applying for a BAS in Criminal Justice


CCJ 1010 - Introduction to Criminology (3 credits)

CCJ 1020 - Introduction to Criminal Justice (3 credits)

CJC 1000 - Introduction to Corrections (3 credits)

CJL 2062 - Constitutional Law and Legal Procedure or Evidence (3 credits)

REQUIRED ELECTIVES (27.00 credits) ASL*, CCJ*, CHI2*, CJC*, CJD*, CJE*, CJK*, CJL*, CJT*, FRE1*, FRE2*, FRW2*, GER1*, GER2*, HBR1*, HBR2*, ITA1*, ITA2*, JPN1*, JPN2*, POR1*, POR2*, RUS1*, RUS2*, SPN1*, SPN2*

CCJ 1191 Human Behavior in Criminal Justice (3 credits)

CCJ 2650 Narcotics and Dangerous Substances (3 credits)

CGS 1060C Introduction to Computer Technology & Applications (4 credits)

CJC 1162 Parole and Probation (3 credits)

CJE 2600 Criminal Investigation (3 credits)

CJJ 2002 Juvenile Delinquency (3 credits)

CJL 1100 Criminal Law (3 credits)

DSC 1006 Introduction to Homeland Security (3 credits)

DSC 2242 Transportation and Border Security (3 credits)

DSC 2590 Intelligence Analysis and Security Management (3 credits)

A transitional acceptance is pending satisfactory completion of the entire entrance requirements listed within the School of Justice, Public Safety and Law Studies Admissions Requirement website:


All prerequisites MUST be completed within your first two semesters in order to stay in compliance.