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Fall 2020 Virtual GSELS Projects Showcase

Andrea Gamboa Project

Global Sustainability and Earth Literacy Studies, Earth Ethics Institute

Project Title and Description

"Broom Book"                                                                                                                          Goal 12-Responsible Consumption & Production


Course: ART1203C-3D Design

Instructor: Yomarie Silva-O'Neal


We produce products in bulk much faster than before that, once used and no longer needed, can be found thrown on the streets, polluting the planet. Instead of buying more products, leading to unnecessary consumption, reuse those items around you to help yourself and the planet. The Broom Book is completely biodegradable and serves the purpose of a broom, by combining two elements. It expands the idea that an unwanted book lying around can turn into a household product, keeping the house clean without spending money on a broom made out of plastic, making it unsafe for the environment.


Andrea Gamboa Project, Image 1

Andrea Gamboa Project, Image 2

Andrea Gamboa Project, Image 3

Andrea Gamboa Project, Image 4

Andrea Gamboa Project, Image 5

Andrea Gamboa Project, Image 6

Andrea Gamboa Project, Image 7