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Fall 2020 Virtual GSELS Projects Showcase

Antuanette Pastor, Angelica Bonilla, Miday de Armas & Rodolfo Jonathan Abella Project

Global Sustainability and Earth Literacy Studies, Earth Ethics Institute

Project Title and Description

"Clean Water and Sanitation"                                                                                                                         Goal 6

Course:     EAP 1586

Instructor:  Anouchka Rachelson


This project focuses on clean water and sanitation in times of Covid-19 to explore why they are of great importance during the pandemic. We investigate the causes that lead to this problem and the effects. This year we have experienced many difficulties due to the virus, and water is one of the greatest needs we have in order to be safe from contagion. Our team proposes four possible solutions and offers helpful advice on how people can contribute to conserve resources and practice good hygiene.