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Fall 2020 Virtual GSELS Projects Showcase

Yurisdaly Venegas Project

Global Sustainability and Earth Literacy Studies, Earth Ethics Institute

Project Title and Description

"Freedom War"                                                                                                                                Goal 5

Course: ART1203C-3D Design

Instructor: Yomarie Silva-O'Neal

Freedom War is a sculpture that empowers all women to be who they want to be, and encourages them to take action and never wait for someone else to fight for what they need. The sculpture represents the gender gap and the unequal gender roles still present in today's society, even after so much fighting for equal rights.


Yurisdaly Venegas Project, Image 1

Yurisdaly Venegas Project, Image 2

Yurisdaly Venegas Project, Image 3

Yurisdaly Venegas Project, Image 4