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Fall 2020 Virtual GSELS Projects Showcase

Samuel Junco Project

Global Sustainability and Earth Literacy Studies, Earth Ethics Institute

Project Title and Description

"If I tore off your skin"                                                                                                                                              Goal 15

Course:    ART 2701C

Instructor: Yomarie Silva-O'Neal


Meant to illustrate the pangolin, the most trafficked mammal, and how we are just degrading this beautiful animal, mainly by the exposure of it, I mean to represent the ripping off of their scales through the use of the figure. The idea is to raise awareness about its situation, being majorly trafficked for the use of its scales in traditional medicine in Asia. Despite China’s ban on the use of the scales of the pangolin, this excessive killing keeps growing “under the table” in this country as well as other countries, including India.


Samuel Junco, Image 1

Samuel Junco, Image 2

Samuel Junco, Image 3

Samuel Junco, Image 4

Samuel Junco, Image 5

Samuel Junco, Image 6

Samuel Junco, Image 7

Samuel Junco, Image 8