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TutorTIPs: Reading Across The Curriculum

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Reading Comprehension

Good students know they must read a text more than once, using various reading strategies, to truly comprehend new material.‚Äč

 What Good Readers Do:   

  • Think about what is known about topic
  • Know purpose for reading
  • Preview text
  • Make and check predictions
  • Visualize or create mental images
  • Ask and answer questions
  • Make inferences
  • Monitor understanding
  • Identify main ideas and summarize
  • Reread the passage
  • Read ahead and see if it makes sense
  • Adjust reading rate (e.g., slow down)
  • Identify unknown words (e.g., sound out, break into parts, use context clues, look up in dictionary)

Reading Comprehension Activity

Then, do the following:

Read Quickly

  • Read only the first sentence of each paragraph

One Sentence Summary

  • In one sentence, write a summary of each paragraph

Read Again

  • Write a full summary

Context Clues


Context Clues Activity

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