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Professional development is vital to ensuring MDC tutors are providing the best support possible to our students. Learning Resources has worked together to build a tutor training program known as TutorTIPs. All new tutors, lab instructors, instructional assistants, and other personnel that deliver supplemental support to students will go through our Tutor Training Intensive Program (TutorTIPs). The first phase involves a 10-hour training combining face-to-face sessions, online tutorials covering a variety of topics recommended by the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA), and the National Tutoring Association (NTA) and shadowing. Tutors must complete this training within the first two weeks of being hired to ensure that all tutors have the same foundational skills, be versed in a variety of tutoring modalities, and meet the standards of the accrediting bodies.

Additionally, Learning Resources hosts an annual TutorTIPs Symposium that brings tutors together across the college to network, learn, and present best practices. This year, as we still find ourselves supporting students in a remote setting, we are will once again meet virtually for our 7th annual TutorTIPs Symposium. We look forward to working with each of you as we travel on our journey to explore and implement new strategies to continue focusing and supporting our students in effective, empathetic, and equitable ways. 

For more information on TutorTIPs and to view training materials in our phase one of training please visit:


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Thank you

Thank you for joining us in our 7th Annual TutorTIPs Symposium. We hope you were able to learn something that will make a positive difference during your work with students. The 2022 Symposium tab will be updated soon to include the recorded sessions from the day, so you can feel free to share or discover a session you couldn't attend. We are looking forward to the next symposium and can't wait to get together again to network and learn! Keep an eye out for the 2023 call for proposals coming next Fall.

Do you have an idea for a breakout session for next year? Consider taking this brief survey and let us know!

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