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TutorTIPs: Setting the Session Agenda

Tutor Training Intensive Programs

Tutor Tips

The nature of helping relationships


  • What is a helping relationship?
  • What are your roles as a helper?
  • How is helping an educational process?
  • What types of things might you have to help a tutee learn/unlearn?
  • Why do you want to be a tutor? What is your motivation?
  • What are some roadblocks to effective learning?
  • What are some study processes (part of the hidden curriculum) that might affect a tutee’s ability to learn the topical knowledge (overt curriculum)?
  • To whom/what office would you refer a tutee who:
  • Needs help with an assignment that neither one of you completely understands?
  • Tells you she is feeling depressed?
  • Thinks she might be dyslexic?
  • Wants help with choosing a career/major?
  • In what situation(s) should you reach out to your supervisor for help?
  • What strategies can you use to help a tutee move from competent to confident?