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The Importance of the Embedded Planning Guide

  • The Embedded Planning Guide is a tool used to assist tutors in the initial conversation with faculty. The guide covers a variety of topics, including best ways to communicate with faculty and students, frequency of tutor visits, access to Blackboard course, and tutor limitations when they are embedded in a course.
  • The initial conversation with faculty is a great time to ask for a copy of the syllabus in order to prepare workshops and read the necessary material. If the professor is not familiar with Learning Resources and the embedded tutor model, this is a great time to have a discussion.
  • The planning guide is not meant to be completed by the faculty or by the tutor in isolation. Our goal is to start a dialogue between tutor and professor, one that is meant to be productive and ongoing throughout the semester and beyond.


Sample Embedded Planning Guide Discussions

Scenario 1: New faculty. Need based embedding and Blackboard +. Scenario 2: Weekly embedding and Blackboard +.

Preparing for Embedded Tutoring

Before the first embedded class session of the semester, contact faculty via email informing them of the course(s)  you have been assigned, the specific days and times you plan to attend, and inquire when will be the best time to meet and discuss the semester and your role in the class using the Embedded Planning Guide.

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