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TutorTIPs: Remote Tutoring - BbL Collaborate Ultra

Tutor Training Intensive Programs

Remote Tutoring through Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

This page provides video tutorials on how to create Blackboard Collaborate Ultra sessions, navigate the platform, and utilize the features. The left column focuses on how area leads, lab managers, and other FT staff can set up and moderate these sessions. The right column provides a tutorial for tutors and other staff who will be supporting students remotely. 

For more information regarding the implementation of this please reach out to your campus Learning Resources Department. For technical questions please reach out to your CIOL department.

Students and tutors can access the various Blackboard Collaborate Ultra sessions through the MDC Tutoring LibGuide. This link can be found on every course navigation panel of Blackboard courses. 

We highly encourage all who will be utilizing Blackboard Collaborate Ultra to complete the CIOL workshop.

Training: The Cycle of a Session


Tutorials for Moderators and Administrators

The three videos below will review the following:

  • How to create a Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Session using the Learning Resources Blackboard Org.
  • How to edit a session and keep a stable link for users.
  • What the three roles are (moderator, presenter, participant) within Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.
  • How to use various tools within the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra platform.
  • How to create and manage breakout groups to facilitate remote tutoring.

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Remote Tutoring: Creating a Session

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Remote Tutoring: Navigating the Platform

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Remote Tutoring: Creating Breakout Groups

Tutorials for Tutors and Support Staff

The video below will review the following:

  • How to access Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Sessions from the MDC Tutoring LibGuide.
  • How to navigate the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra platform.
  • How to communicate effectively with moderators and students using the chat feature.
  • How to move students and yourself from breakout groups to the main room.
  • How to use the tools provided by the platform to effectively tutor students.

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Remote Tutoring: The Role of the Tutor


Smarthinking Logo

Beginning Summer 2020, Smarthinking will be auto-enabled on all web-enhanced, blended, and virtual Blackboard courses. This means that students will have the ability to meet with a tutor when MDC tutoring centers are closed. By simply clicking on the Smarthinking link on Blackboard, students will be redirected and have the ability to meet with a tutor through a live one-on-one session, or a drop-off service.

To support students during the current term, faculty can opt to add the Smarthinking link to their course by following a few simple steps. We have provided a document below with directions and screenshots to walk faculty through the process.

While MDC has staff to meet with students during traditional hours through Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, Smarthinking fills in the gaps for students who may need late night or weekend help. Reach out to faculty to help them add Smarthinking to their Blackboard courses.