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Humanities Edge Undergraduate Research Symposium | Summer 2020



The idea behind this project is to inform and guide current teachers and adults that are often engaged with children to help them know the importance of creativity in their life. The way this project was executed was through a website with a series of posts and articles that describe the different aspects to consider when dealing with children, allowing the viewer to find a way to stimulate their creativity as well as the children’s.

These posts are based on my experience as a preschool teacher and supported by articles written by other education professionals. The product is a series of posts that highlight ways to free people’s creativity, which will allow them to stimulate and engage children better. These articles are open to the public. This is recommended for preschool teachers and adults that are educating children. This is a space for them to ask questions and investigate about what the best teaching practices would be. The viewers of this website have an open platform where they can find authentic articles commented by a professional, as well as ask questions and take advice from other fellow teachers.