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Humanities Edge Undergraduate Research Symposium | Summer 2020



My work uses the visual language of comic books, film, sound and animation for their ability to establish moods, express ideas, share emotions and tell a story. Films and sound, like comic books, have the ability to take the reader and immerse them In a created environment using a graphic and acoustic abstract language that is recognizable and subconsciously accessible. 

I make use of print comics ability to stretch time by using different line art and textures on a given page. Employing the use of film angles that communicate specific ideas such as dutch angles that denote stress or wide shots that establish location mixed with a hyper attention to detail helps dictate a slow paced page, while a less detailed, close up set of shots dictate speed and fast paced movement.

Simultaneously, I can use the same sequential artwork and transform it into a linear time based narrative adding multiple layers of bi-naural sound to create a rich and layered, textured, acoustic and immersive environment.

I like to treat every day stories and events with a larger than life approach, emphasizing moods and details through different sensorial approaches. This project is a collaboration with Bill Maguire on a short piece he wrote while in an ill state.

Comics and sound design give me the ability to create worlds, characters and events without limit.

Short Film Animation

*Viewing Recommendation: Film is best experienced in full screen and with the use of headphones as sound design is a key component of the film.

Live Presentation Recording