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Humanities Edge Undergraduate Research Symposium | Summer 2020



Analyzing and interpreting film on Cuba’s form of government, that is, Communism, this paper will illustrate how Communism is not a functional form of government, in Cuba, or any country, because totalitarianism strips individuals of their civil rights, democratic values, and causes severe economic issues. The unveiling of the political nepotism in Cuba leads to corruption, abuse of power, fraud, and unethical leadership. Speaking out publicly about the abuse is threatened with persecution and severe consequences. As this paper will demonstrate, the Cuban dictatorship controls all media, and limits all forms of broadcasting to governmental propaganda that is designed to control the Cuban people through pro-Communist messages. Extreme poverty, child labor, and prostitution are a direct result of the isolationist Cuban government as it perpetuates an economic crisis. The island lacks modernization of more than just buildings, but rather, political dogma. As such, the goal of Communism is to have complete control of its citizens, regardless of how much suppression of free thought and action it entails, which is why it is not a form of government that should be implemented in any country.

Research Paper

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