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Fall 2021 Virtual GSELS Projects Showcase

Global Sustainability & Earth Literacy Studies related student projects

Catherine Hilares Project

Global Sustainability and Earth Literacy Studies, Earth Ethics Institute

Project Title and Description

"Be Wise With the Sea"                                                                                                                                                 UN Sustainable Development Goals #14        

Course:     ART 1203C - Three Dimensional Design

Instructor:  Yomarie Silva-O’Neal


Oceans not only provide a home for hundreds of thousands of species on Earth, but they are also essential for human life. Unfortunately, our oceans have been suffering from a variety of problems, including plastic pollution, overfishing, and oil spills. These human activities are altering our oceans to become less adaptable and sufficient for the ecosystem. Despite the negative effects, there is still hope to change it. In order to keep our gorgeous oceans waste-free, we need to conserve water, reduce waste, and most importantly, explore our oceans and their beauty.


Catherine Hilares Project, Image 2

Catherine Hilares Project, Image 3

Catherine Hilares Project, Image 4

Catherine Hilares Project, Image 5