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Fall 2021 Virtual GSELS Projects Showcase

Global Sustainability & Earth Literacy Studies related student projects

Maria Baltodano, Sofia Abarca, Sheila Perez, Adrian Justo, Ailis Reloba & Marileydi Cuellar Project

Global Sustainability and Earth Literacy Studies, Earth Ethics Institute

Project Title and Description

"Pollution in Miami Dade County"                                                                                              UN Sustainable Development Goals #13        

Course:     EAP 1586 - Reading, Listening, & Speech

Instructor:  Anouchka Rachelson


This project focuses on pollution that affects the residents in Miami Dade County due to the emission of gases. We analyze why it is crucial for citizens to reduce pollution to have a better environment. We researched the causes and the possible effects. Lack of recycling is one of the main causes, and as an effect pollution increases. Our group recommends three solutions to minimize the problem. One of them is that landfills or dump areas must be checked regularly. Lastly, this project offers the opportunity become aware of methods to minimize pollution and support Sustainable Development Goal #13.