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Fall 2021 Virtual GSELS Projects Showcase

Global Sustainability & Earth Literacy Studies related student projects

Jose L Gobea, Jennifer Castillero & Berta Llerena Project

Global Sustainability and Earth Literacy Studies, Earth Ethics Institute

Project Title and Description

"Miami Dade’s Poverty"                                                                                                        UN Sustainable Development Goals #1        

Course:     EAP 1586 - Reading, Listening, & Speech

Instructor:  Anouchka Rachelson


Our project is based on SDG 1 and focuses on Miami Dade's Poverty. It has given us the opportunity to do a thorough study related to the causes and effects of this issue. It has also allowed us to plan solutions and actions that people in our community can do to face this problem. Some of these are: doing volunteer work and creating projects to donate money to cover basic needs. We deeply hope that this project will be of wonderful use to many people and that it will give them the possibility to change their lives.